Thursday, June 12, 2008

It' Wasn't that Bad

Wednesday was my first appointment for inflating my breast expander; and it was the first time I say Dr. Mast after my initial surgery. My appointment was late in the day, which gave me plenty of time to think about what was going to happen. Kay and I drove down to Gainesville early and had lunch and then went to the bead store, then downtown because Kay said Wednesday’s was the day for the local farmer’s market.

I was quite pleased when Dr. Mast first looked at his handiwork and asked how many time I had the expander inflated. When I told him that this was the first appointment he said “then let’s get to it”. The second time he came in with the syringe he asked me was I nervous and I said no; he said, “I’m glad, cause I stopped drinking a few hours ago.” The he chuckled. All I saw of the syringe was the size of the thing and it looked about an inch in diameter; I couldn’t see the needle itself.

He laid my chair back and took out the little magnetic chip to find the port for the expander and told me that there was going to be a feeling like a pinch when the needle is inserted and then he injected about 50cc’s of saline solution into the expander. I really haven’t had any pain with this first appointment; and that was what I was told. The breast is a little tender but I didn’t have to take any pain medication as I expected I would. So far, I made appointments for the next four weeks and then we’ll see where we need to go from there. Kay and I were out of the office by 6 pm and on our way home.

We went back to the farmers market and bought some fresh vegetables and some fresh milk and drinkable yogurt; which was really good. We bought a six pack of ‘chocolate tomato’ plants and drove back home. We arrived at the house around 9:30 which made a long day for us. Now that I know what to expect the next time, I'll be ready........I think.

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