Thursday, June 19, 2008

Continuing Saga

Episode II—The continuing saga of the expanding breast!

Today (Wed) was my second appointment for pumping… I learned that it was 60 cc, not 50 cc that was pumped and next week they will push 100 cc into the expander. Again, I have had no real pain, just some slight discomfort; but I can actually feel the expanded breast under my arm, and that’s awesome for me because I know that the shape is gradually changing. As the evening wore on I began to have a little more pain, especially under my arm and under the implant so I took a pain pill as I went to bed and slept through the night. But, it’s looking good!!

Actually today we were accompanied by a good friend and her two wonderful children, Alex and Bella; they could only come with us were if we did something educational. So, we took the opportunity to visit the museum and butterfly exhibit on the University of Florida’s campus. Well, Alex is 6 yrs old and Bella is 4yrs old and being very inquisitive and well behaved children; it was a joy for Kay and I to watch them explore the museum’s exhibits. Kay and I were the bystanders as we were transported into a whole new world of exploring through the eyes of these two explorers as they went from room to room discovering artifacts and skeletons and models of ancient mastodons, mammals and insects and bugs from Florida’s past. I’m afraid I was captured and pulled along by their enthusiasm and joy. Just to watch Alex’s and Bella’s expressive faces and hand gestures as they describe what they had seen; is just magic and enthralling. We practically ran from exhibit to exhibit, bubbling with excitement as we looked at all of the exhibits together; and then it was time for my doctor’s appointment. We saw that the children were having a great time in the Room of Discovery—the hands-on room; so our friend left her children with Ms. Kay and she drove me to my appointment. The plan was to meet up with them later in the butterfly area.

As always, the Doctor and nurses were very nice and I invited our friend to accompany me to the back as they filled the expander. We had discussed my appointment and she said she was curious about the procedure having read our blog about my mastectomy and how it had affected me; so I asked to follow me back to the room. She was quite taken back by the size of the syringe and needle, but she managed quite well with everything. How do I manage, I just lie back and close my eyes as he injects the saline solution.

We re-joined Kay and the children in the butterflies and birds in the aviary; and finding the varieties of butterflies is incredible. I was happy just watching these two inquisitive children explore the wonders of nature; being pulled in as Alex describes the joy of having a butterfly crawl over his hand and discovering three huge Japanese Carp swimming in the ‘river’ running at the bottom of the room. The museum has an extensive collection of butterflies and moths and an extensive research department.

When the museum closed, we finished the day at the farmers market in downtown Gainesville, exploring all the varieties fruits and vegetables; there was jewelry, art and wonderfully colored dresses and the live jazz group playing under the pavilion was a special treat. All in all, it was an exciting and happy day—at least for me; and especially for Alex and Bella.

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