Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Aunt Kay's Perfect Boy

My perfect boy came into my life through two friends who were foster parents. A six month old infant was placed in their home around 3 years ago. I was so worried when I first saw him because I thought he may have lots of problems. However, the next time I saw him (only a couple of weeks) he was a different child. This time he was very active, involved in his surrounding and with the people around him. He slowly began to steal my heart.

When we had visited and I was leaving, I always told him, "I love you." I will never forget the first time he responded with, "I uv u." That was it. I was a goner. He could do no wrong.

There were other children in and out of their home but my perfect boy stayed. The had hoped to adopt him from the beginning and maybe some other children too. However, with the imperfect systems we have to protect our children, one of children was removed. Our hearts were broken but my perfect boy was still with our friends.

Excuse me while I get up on my soap box for a minute. The department that is charged with caring for children in this state does probably as best they can given the political climate they work in. However, the judicial system needs a serious over hauling when it comes to the welfare of children. Not just with my perfect boy and not just in this county, I have seen the judicial system make some serious mistakes. It seems that once a mistake is made by a judge there is no way around it. The department that cares for children always gets the finger pointed at them when things go wrong but we really need to look at the judicial system Okay, enough.

My perfect boy was adopted into his family this past week. The adoption party was for him and his two auntees were there to help him celebrate. And CELEBRATE, he did with a whole bunch of friends and family. At one point his mother picked him to take him in to get a layer of dirt off and asked me, "what do you think of your perfect boy now," indicating the dirt on him. I told her it was perfect.

And they are living happily ever after......................

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