Thursday, July 3, 2008

Next Chapter

The continuing story of the ballooning expander.

Since my last post I have had two appointments to inject saline into the expander. I really have had no amount of pain as of today. With 320 cc of saline having been injected, she is a looking pretty good; I’ve got some real nice cleavage going showing when I want. The other breast is getting some strong boob envy; but that will work out when they replace the expander with the implants. We have one more appointment for some more saline and then the Doctor will decide the next step. We’re getting a real close to being done.

The only pain is from the two different sticks from the two syringes that the doctor has to use to put 100 cc for each appointment. I’m not saying that the next person won’t have pain, but I haven’t had any pain at all.

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