Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today’s appointment

Today I had my 5th appointment to be injected; only 60 cc since I am doing quite well. The tissue expander is doing its job very nicely; however because I had some lymph nodes removed when I had my mastectomy, my underarm has quite a small area that is drawn up! Anyway, I have noticed a similarity between the breast prosthesis that I was using and the shape that my breast has taken after 380 cc’s of saline being injected into the expander.

I am aware that my arm brushes against my breast just as it did when I wore the prosthesis. I am also noticing a defined shape to the edges of the breast and that my left breast is really getting envious of the right; but only for a few more weeks. I had bought two new bras a few weeks after my surgery; but with the quick development of the right breast, those are not going to work much longer. Tonight I am having some mild discomfort with today’s procedure; and not sure if is wearing the new bras or something else.

A few years ago Kay and I went to Tallahassee to go support some friends because they were doing a drag show as part of the King’s performance. But one the female performers doing her solo act was sporting a pair of ‘HH’ boobs, (they were the size of volley balls at least). I now know what she must have subjected herself to in order to get breast that large, and she didn’t have to start expanding after a mastectomy.

I now know that I will have about 4 more appointments in order to over expand my breast tissue and then we will replace with silicone implants. They will need the extra tissue to construct a new nipple and the PA will match the color of my left nipple when she tattoos a matching areola. It will be great to have two headlights instead of just the one (sorry) so if and when I go braless or wear something sheer; not see through, but sheer, they will at least match.

Stay tuned for more!

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