Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apologize Christian

I apologize that I am Christian, but not the way you think I should be. I apologize that my Christian belief let me not judge you for your judging. I apologize that my belief defines my G-d as a loving, inclusive G-d. My beliefs have led me down the path of integrity and righteousness, it disapproves of lying to G-d, of hiding myself behind my wall of shame. My transgenderness was designed by my G-d to test my faith and strength of character. He gave me my life of transgenderness to show other Christians that My G-d loves me and accepts me, so why can't you. Why can't you show me my G-d Love that I see in your heart, even though you can't.
I apologize that my Christian Life that I see in you and myself, is something you won't give back.

May the Peace of the Lord be Always With You.


Melissa said...

You might be interested in this article: How Christianity Lost Jesus

Melissa XX

Two Auntees said...

I loved the article. A few years back I took a bible study course and met with a group weekly. As we began to go thru the New Testament, I began to see that quite a bit of what Paul said did not agree with what Jesus said. In further reading since, I began to see what scholars believe to be the things that Jesus actually said. If we truly look at those things, many have missed the message of Jesus. I think that if he were to come back and see what was going on in is name, he would probably say, "what the hell are you thinking!" I believe the message of Jesus was a message of love, nonviolence, and speaking truth to power gone wrong. Thanks for sharing the article.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I'm going to look at the video when I get a chance, and read the article that Melissa linked to, but your words simply echoed with where I am at the moment.

I am so tempted to send them to some friends as it may give them something to think about. Who knows it may be a something to challenge the rest of my church with in the coming months.