Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gender Forum Discussion

Just got back for a forum discussion on Gender and Gay issues at (Oops should be) South Georgia College, in Douglas. There was good discussion, slightly slanted but tame in comparison to Political town-hall meeting that we have attended.

I was a little disappoint that a lot of comments centered around the idea of ex-gays and reparation therapy, which was overshadowed by a Christian tone. Where I have gay friends but I can't accept their sin. For a group discussion about lgbt issues in the Bible belt was a huge plus that the discussion even took place.

They showed a clip on an interview with the director of the Laramie Project, and a new documentary about a hate crime, and cross burning on the front lawn of a gay couple in a small town. Eventually their house was burned down.

The audience was a good equal mix of Christian straight and Christian Gay and Lesbian identified people. And from what comments I heard it was about equal between those for Equal Rights and those who think it is wrong to do the gay sex. I couldn't decide if those against us would like us and spend time with us if it wasn't for the gay sex part they think we do.

One of the women on the panel for the conservative side had a doctorate but didn't know about people who had extra chromosomes. Her defining what it is to be a man or a woman by their genes, well that doesn't work.

What I hope is that this discussion about LGBT issues will open people's mind to more discussion seeking answers to question about gender and sex.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully discussion will open peoples mind to the diversity of life, and the advantages that diversity can bring. But I worry some only see a threat by having people a bit different.