Sunday, April 11, 2010

Completeness when is it defined.

I was reading Jillian's blog on completeness as someone asked her if after her surgery she felt more like a woman. I can't speak for all sister, but I will ask the question again, when should or does one feel like a woman who has gone as far as she can. Does she need or desire the 'big' surgery, or not". That is only a question she can answer, but is she any less of a woman.

During my transition; which happened in my later years, I really need to experience all the stages of girl development. Looking back those could have derailed my transition because I dressed without someone to pull me back to reality. Yes I wore the short skirts, and very high heels and overdone makeup, but after I moved in with Kay she was my reality mirror. She put her foot down if I had dressed in an inappropriate manner; thank God!! She was my anchor, and rudder during the final years of my transition. I say years of transition because that the way it seem to unfold, by the constant passage of years stepping higher with every success I achieved.

I accept myself as a complete woman which is approved by other women who only see me as such. A woman.


Veronica said...

I needed SRS. It took me a whole to realize how much I did, but by the time my date came around, I was very ready. I kept my expectations low, but I have been surprised by how wonderful the result of surgery has been for me. I truly do feel complete.

But as you say, it's different for each of us. I admire those who feel complete without surgery. I couldn't get there myself.

We all have to get that second adolescence out of the way, don't we. :) I have been lucky as well to have someone who let me know when I had gone too far, until I had learned that myself.

Veronica said...

"Took me a whole"? What the heck was I thinking? Argh! Should have been "took me a while."