Sunday, October 2, 2011

Appearance Changes

In this posting, I am talking about redefining the name of this blog as its purpose seems to be more on moral and political issues that are redefining my need to blog from a different path! I have obviously exited the tunnel and am walking in full sunlight of existence as a woman married to a wonderful wife and partner.

As we crank up our activism by our strong association with PFLAG and Integrity Episcopal Church. And are trying to be more involved in political issues which affect us as members of the lgbt community and as a married couple. Our emphasis is beyond the "Trials of Transition", so to speak. I think it's time to move forward to the next chapter of our wonderful lives. Since that's were we are now.

In looking at the tempo and thoughts of blog comments of the past few months, I am out; I am involved, I am trying to make a difference for others. We are on the other side of our couple transition, the other side of the rainbow, the others side of the rock slide. Our path and duties to the lgbt community are ahead of us ever trudging forward and upwards. Come with us as we explore new horizons and seek new frontiers of lgbtisms.

Do I have suggestions, or should I ask? And what do you think?


Halle said...

Sorry, no suggestions for a name here, just support for that process of turning the ship to head in a direction of your choice.

There is no point in blogging about the past. If the name represents the past to you, then you should rename, if only to help you to focus where your life really is now.


Laura Bennett said...

Sarah I agree with you. Time to move on and use the name to reflect the current status of what you are doing.

I wish I could help with the name but I think that really needs to come from you and Kay. Ultimately, that's who its about!

Love and hugs,