Monday, October 3, 2011

We have Survived and Loving the Time

For the past 5 days we were given the opportunity, (chance) to watch our granddaughter. It was better that there are the 2 of us cause she can run our old legs off. Miss Trinity is 18 months and is a little spitfire of personality, giving us lots of things to smile about and keeping us very busy. Don't let those playful eyes and smiles fool you, cause there is mischief in there somewhere.

This if the first time we have been able to what her 24/7 and it has been very tiring for the both of us but we wouldn't swap these past few day for anything. She doesn't walk anywhere, she runs! And 'talks' up a storm, we might not understand what she is staying but we know she is emphatic in the telling. We have learned to hear her repeat phrases, more than once to try and get her point across. This quick snapshot was after church but before we changed her and put her down for a nap.

She is really a very good child for 19 months, oh we might have an occasional 'fit' but we have learned that she knows we will put her in the corner to 'cool off' and when she is ready, she can go play again. We have 3 dogs and she LOVEs her Molly, (she is the one with the black patch on her eye). Molly loves attention and Trinity is quite oblidge

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