Monday, October 3, 2011

Guest for the Week, and Loving it!!!

For the past 5 days we have been watching our Granddaughter, Miss Trinity, a bundle of smiles and mischief; but we love her. It takes the both of us to make sure she stays out of trouble, but when she throws her little 'fit's' all we have to do is put her in a corner until she straightens up. It doesn't take much, but it works.

Don't let that smile and twinkling eyes fool you for one minute, but she can steal your heart. We wouldn't take anything for the joy she has given us these few days. It takes the 2 of us to keep up with her, she doesn't walk anywhere; she runs; constantly. Her energy equals anything we can both muster. But her smiles and hugs that she gives freely is more precious than anything we could find.

We have watched her off and on since she was 5 months so we weren't surprised when she settled is and was all smiles as her parents and brothers got in the car and drove off. She is comfortable with us watching her, which makes the time so much easier to deal with.

We have 3 dogs and Molly, the one with the black patch on her eye is her favorite. Molly loves attention and Trinity is quite willing to oblige. She can do almost anything to her, pull her ears, grab her around the head, pull her tail and use her for a pillow; Molly doesn't mind.


Halle said...

What a sweetie! Having a little ball of fire around keeps you young doesn't it? :)

SCG said...

Haha! What fun. I'm sure she's keeping you both on your toes!

Calie said...

Cute little girl and a cute doggies. Both are so lucky to have the Two Auntees around!