Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cosmic Changes

Earlier this year we bought some plants, like the Star Jasmine and the Night Blooming Jasmine. Well last week I noticed some new growth on the night plant and last night as I put the dogs out, I got a whiff of the Jasmine. Wow, the fragrance is quite overpowering, intense and wonderful. When you get close to the plant you are surrounded by this gorgeous, fragrance that would overpower the perfume you can buy at the counter.

Our Chapter of PFLAG is beginning to step up and try to be involved with the community, at our last meeting we showed the movie 'Bullied' and had a University Music Professor show up and a Truancy Officer with her partner in attendance. She had some great information for a student who faces his own daily bullies. I think we need to show it again in the community.

My ex wife had asked us to make her a baby blanket for a niece's new arrival and she came over yesterday to pick it up. We had a nice discussion about how family is doing and it was all pleasant. She had talked with my sister who is taking care of our mother almost full time, my sister asked my ex to ask me if we could watch mother one day a week so they could do yoga. I was floored to say the least. I will say it again, when you pray for things to happen you can be specific cause you just never know how far your prayers can go or take you.

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