Monday, May 19, 2008

Adjusting to Change

As most of you know Sarah began her process of breast reconstruction last week. Since wearing a bra or "the girls" (her breast prostheses) after the surgery would be too painful, she has been going without them. As we started out the door Sunday morning, I noticed that she had on higher heels than normal (she has a herniated disc and was told not to wear high heels). I didn't say anything to her because I thought I knew what was going on. Just as that thought had crossed my mind, Sarah said,"I know, I know I'm not supposed to wear heels this high but I have to compensate some way." I told her I had refrained from saying anything because I thought that was what was going on. I said, "it is comparable to getting your hair cut too short and needing wear the largest earrings you own."

Even though Sarah only has had a skin expander inserted, it has filled out the concave scar on her chest. This has been a good change for her. On the way to her post op visit she talked about how comfortable she felt going without "the girls."

At her post op visit the physician's assistant was happy with the healing of the wound and the drainage had decreased enough to remove her drain. The drain was removed, we were given another appointment and left the doctors office.

We had planned a lazy day looking around town but I had had an allergy attack the day before and was not feeling my best. After they removed Sarah's drain, she was having some pain so we had a quick lunch and headed home.

Now we wait for the healing before the doctor begins to inflate the skin expander. Changes are coming.

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