Saturday, May 24, 2008

Side Effects

Well, it’s been 12 days since my first stage of surgery. The pain wasn’t as bad as I had thought, just a lot of discomfort when using the arm too much and with the chest muscle. I have tried to withhold some of the pain medication during the day, but have realized that I am tired and have more discomfort at night; especially trying to find a comfortable position since I really have had a problem sleeping on my back.

The scar looks very good and is healing very nicely; but then that will be the same incision he will use to reopen my breast and swap out the tissue expander for the breast implant. But he does really nice work. I have been using cocoa butter since the bandage came off and it has helped with the healing. I have one more post exam next week and then on the fourth week should start the expanding process. I am going to take my pain medicine with me for that first appointment; not sure how much pain that will cause. Will keep posting about my progress.

I have been thinking that once the expansion begins, and the right side will have more fullness than the left, the lopsidedness will have reversed itself. Since I have stopped wearing a bra that will really make people think.

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