Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today is a big day for me; it is a day that I have been looking forward to for the past two years at least. Kay and I head to Florida to begin my breast reconstruction process with the implanting of the tissue expander. There are no other distractions that I can grab to occupy my mind enough to put this unknown event out of reach.

With the weekend being Mother’s Day and Kay and I said that we would watch some children…..what were we thinking!!! Someone connected with our church is taking a mini summer course at the college and she needed a baby sitter to watch her two children for a few hours a day, for a few weeks in May. Then we said we would look after a friend’s child while they fly out to Colorado to attend her older daughter’s graduation and Officer Pinning Ceremonies. So we took over the care of this four year old boy on Thursday morning at 5:30 am; awake and ready to roar. And roar he did. The two Auntees had their hand full and their feet never stopped; well he did sleep, thank Goodness.

His mother encourages him to do things for himself; but you can’t turn your back on him for one minute. If your attention is diverted for only a few seconds, he can have the door unlocked, opened and he will be running around the corner of the house faster than you can shout his name. I was giving some food to the rabbit and before I had closed the cage door and turned around, he have gotten the milk out of the fridge; had poured himself a glass of milk; had set it in the counter and was pointing to the puddle of spilt milk around him before I realized what he has done. What a whirlwind of activity from such a small child. We are really thrilled to have children in our lives.

In addition to watching children, we had to make three Baptism Banners for baptism on Pentecost morning; and…… there was the Choral Guild concerts on Sunday and Monday with a four hour rehearsal the Saturday before. The concert was one of our better concerts since we shared the stage with the Concert Choir from Magnolia, Texas. Wonderful and talented singers in the choir from Texas.

So these were my distraction from what will be happening later this morning; my appointment is at 2 pm, and not being able to eat after midnight; it’s going to be a long morning.

Kay and I have a dear friend who is going to work today for the first time as Stephanie; way to go girl. I do hope she has a really good day, she is a very Sweet-Spirited-Person as we call those who we cherish. You go Girl!!

I'll give more detail about today's surgery when I can.


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Ally said...

Y'all have my prayers for a quick recovery...both from the surgery, and from the children!

Much love to you both. I'll be eager to hear how things turn out!