Saturday, May 31, 2008


This week I had my second follow up appointment and everything looks fine. I am still not supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds or do anything strenuous for the next few weeks while I wait for my first expansion appointment. Kay says that I am awful at not doing anything; and she’s right. I’m just like a horse at the starting gate when I think there is so much that could be done around here. You could say that I sometime fudge a little too much in the things I do around the house to keep myself from going stir crazy; just a little – really, Kay.

The plan for my weekly expansions is to come in once a week for 8 weeks; they need to over inflate the tissue expander so that when they replace that device with the actual implant the breast will have a more natural, rounded and softened breast shape. When we discussed what I initially wanted in the way of breast size, I suggested having the same size ‘D’ cup. I have since realized that by returning to using a smaller bra and the fact that I have back problems, I don’t need to carry around that much extra weight in front. Having a smaller size breast that actually matches each other would be just as pleasing to me.

When I was sitting in the doctor’s waiting room I finally noticed how much a difference it has made in how my new bra fits, in just having the tissue expander. As I look down into my blouse at my breast I can see the beginnings of cleavage; although the breast doesn’t actually fill the bra cup it still sits very nicely in the bra. When I wore the breast prosthesis, I had become disappointed and embarrassed if the top I was wearing was too low and would show the scar area. The breast prosthesis couldn’t rest against my skin since it was secure in the lining of the bra’s pocket; and I felt it flopping back and forth as I moved. I had become very disappointed in the prosthesis in how it looked.

Now I anxiously wait for each expansion appointment which begins on the 11 of June. And expect to proudly display my new breasts on Kay’s birthday in late August. When a good outcome is anticipated; waiting isn’t as bad as it could be.

Will keep you posted.

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