Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 left

This still is from the sailors and nurses final number, where we are singing "honey bun" for the second time just before the final scene.

Well, this weekend is the last 3 performances of our production of South Pacific. There has consistently been large crowds for all 7 performances so far; and I have really enjoyed getting to know the rest of the cast members. I know that I will miss not being at the theatre and around everyone. I really have no idea of who knows and who doesn't know about my past, and it really doesn't matter now. I have a strong pull to tell a few, just to make sure they know because it's important for me. I feel that with establishing a good friendship as Sarah that if they have never met a trans person before and would have negative feelings about us, that having known me they would look another trans person as a possible friend and not something suspicious. I also realize that once someone knows of our trans status the relationship between us shifts and the other person begins to separate themselves from us.

I have had a great 3 weeks of doing the show and am looking forward to my next big adventure in theatre!!

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