Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Contralto Trans Voice

An excellent evening for PFLAG Valdosta, at last count, we had 25 people join us in celebrating our 1st Anniversary; 4 more people that we had at our first meeting. After a short business meeting, there were several lively comments with discussion. Several members were excited at they described their emotions as they were dressed for the first time for the Savannah Pride. Another member described how he felt after receiving a supporting decision after someone complained about his wearing a PRIDE armband during his work shift. We commented on some of the negative decision that affected the glbt community and praised the decision of the Lutheran and Episcopal Churches to allow gays to answer God’s call to the ministry.

One young man and I recognized each other as members of the community chorus. He commented to me that before he knew, I was one of the few women who could sing lower than him and he couldn’t understand why. Now he knows why! He sat next to me once a week for 15 weeks and saw me as a woman who had a great contralto voice; according to him and some of the other young women in the group. I was quite flattered at 1) not being clocked, 2) seeing me as just another woman in the group and 3) hearing the quality of my voice as being a contralto. We sat next to each other I had often thought about inviting him to a PFLAG meeting; but I didn’t want to come out and question his orientation.

I have been singing with the group for the last 5 years as Sarah and just assumed that everyone knew my history, some do; but to them that’s old news and it just doesn’t matter anymore.

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