Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Opening, Another Show

Opening night is just 2 days away; 2 more dress rehearsals and then we are on stage. I must say that the set looks great; like a jungle, large backdrop of the mysterious 'Bali Hi", palm trees, and bamboo stalks. But so far, the first dress rehearsal with costume changes went well. Everyone changing as quickly as possible, the real slow down is putting on the white tights that go with the nurses uniforms. No one freaked out with me changing with them. The female lead has the most costume changes. Kay made 9 copies of her nurse's cap for everyone and has gotten good feedback. All the nurses look good in their whites; and so do the sailors in their navy uniforms or close facsimile.

It seems that when everyone is in costume we are more serious and helps us to focus on what we have to do.
Break a Leg as they say in show biz.

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