Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy weekends

Well the cat is finally out of the bag, so I can tell you that Kay and I have tickets to see Joan Baez this Friday at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Although I never really listened to much of her music when I was growing up per say, I listened but never really knew that it was her songs. I was on a different musical path back in those days. I am so glad that I nagged Kay to buy the tickets early before they were sold out, we now see where they are going for over $200, each. I am getting excited, about sitting on the Great Lawn of the Gardens listening to a Musical Icon.

The first week in August, Kay and I are going to the Believe Out Loud conference in Atlanta and a very good friend of ours has gotten us tickets to see "Cats" at the Fox Theater, our seat are on the first row of the lowest balcony, so we should have a great viewpoint to see everything that is going on the stage.

Being retired is fun. Let you know more about both concerts.


Halle said...

Have a great time! Front row of the first balcony is traditionally the best seat, especially for dance, in my opinion.


Melissa said...

I remember back in the early mid sixties, when Bob Dylan and Joan Baez were all the rage. They inspired many of us to get our first guitars, and learn to play folk songs. Unlike Dylan, who was really more of a guitar playing poet, Baez could actually sing. She has an amazing voice, and I'm sure you are going to enjoy her concert.

Melissa XX

SCG said...

Have a blast at both! I saw Joan Baez at The Moon in Tallahassee probably about 15 years ago. It was great, but I think outside on a summer night would be even better!