Monday, July 19, 2010

Didn't realize just how innovative young boys can be. We had bought a hand truck with the big rubber wheels and had left it on the back porch. Today we watched two boys and their younger sister for most of the day. After lunch they asked if they could play outside and went right to the two shovels and began to dig, which was ok with me but when the older one started to swing the shovel I had them put them away and went back inside.

While I was inside those two boys, ages 9 and 5 drug the handcart off the porch and was able to move two good size rocks weighing about 12 lbs each across the yard. I had used to big rocks to plug up the holes that our dogs had dug under the fencing. They had moved a good size ceramic planter 24 in tall across the yard also. And while they were moving things had carried 3 of my aloe plants along with 7 empty pots to my peppers plants area. I didn't see what they had done until after they had gone, I could only laugh and smile at their 'hard' work. No wonder they went home all hot and sweaty.

It's ok Mom, this is what Auntees put up with, to give hugs and kisses and smiles at their young charges 'achievements'.

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