Saturday, July 3, 2010

We spent the day with some good friends for the 4th of July that live in Summerville, yesterday afternoon enjoying the sights of old Charleston, SC. As we were waiting to get on the trolly, there was a Hotdog vender across the street who was actually shutting down for the day and was give away his hot dogs. So this first picture is of the children eating their free hotdogs, actually one of the only few times they were all sitting together.

Taking the trolly down the sea wall and Battery Park was a great place to start the day. The kids climbed all over the old mortar cannon and piles of cannon balls they have everywhere and on the railing along the sea wall. There was a wonderful strong wind which whipped the sea into white choppy wave and whitecaps. As we walked around the sea wall, I warned the kids that they could get wet by the wind and waves, and suddenly one wave broke over the wall soaking
all the children which made the adults laugh.

It was a beautiful cool day, not crowded walk downtown. Walking through the historic district, we walked through St Michael Episcopal Church, very old English style, beautiful Church interior. As we strolled through the grave yard we noticed an unusual set of graves in the graveyard. I noticed the middle monument has a Jewish symbol which the one on its right is more Catholic carving.

We had a late lunch at Sticky Fingers which was very good ribs. The day was a great way to spend with friends. Have a great 4th everyone!


Halle said...

What a great way to holiday!

Happy Independence Day 'Auntees'!


Melissa said...

Cute kids! Apparently the boy in the middle preferred his hot dog, sans bun.

I hope you and Kay have an enjoyable 4th!

Melissa XX