Monday, July 12, 2010

Falling Dominoes

It is truly amazing to learn of the recent court rulings upholding that the DOMA or the prohibitive ruling again gay marriage in the State of Massachusetts has been declared unconstitutional. More recently, the Presbyterian Convention has just passed a change in its Canon Law to allow non-celebrate gay to be ordained to the ministry.

With the continued chipping away at state and church law to allow and recognize the rights and values of the lgbt community it is only a matter of time before other major legislation is passed giving protection to the gay and transgendered communities.

On another matter;
I am learning that members of the trans community are taking down their blogs as a measure of protection, security and safety of their persons, families and jobs. As more trans are making their mark in their communities, there is a greater exposure to be the victims of hate and physical violence. I understand the need for someone to make their blog private because they are in the beginning stages in preparation to transition at work. Going private with their blog blocks unwanted searches and views by people who have the power to hire and fire and to use any knowledge gained from reading employees blogs as evidence against the employee who posts about their being gay or transition history.

Individual who have successfully transition are taking down their blogs are doing so in order to blend in with society, to go stealth. When they take down their blogs we as a community lose access to their knowledge and history of the mechanics of their transition which is always helpful for others who are struggling with their own transition.

Hopefully, one day the news of when someone transition won't be news, and will be an everyday occurrence and acceptance will prevail.

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Caroline said...

I too mourn the loss of the blogs which were of such help to me. All that first hand information lost and a new group have to reinvent the wheel!

Caroline xxx