Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Can't hold hatred

Hatred in the heart and soul of a person will only brew more hatred. I have learned not to hold onto anger or hatred, for me there could be many people to be angry with. I accept this life that is so different from the life I started out with. I have nothing to gain in this new life as Sarah, by holding onto the anger or hatred from those who haven’t accepted my transition. I can only move forward in my life as I let go of the grains of hatred and fear. What is the reason; if there can be one, for people to profess such extreme hatred and fear against those who might be different in their thinking and actions. What drives a person, or what is missing from his moral character, for that person to pick up a gun or rifle or a knife and strike a killing blow to someone who might be another Christian or religious person who believes in another view point.

After watching the movie “For the Bible Tells me so” , and watching one of the Evangelical Preacher describe to the members attending that service he would kill anyone who, as a Gay person, would approach him; then calmly tell G-d they that person died, I was flabbergasted. How can we accept his pronouncement as a ‘Man of G-d’ without showing horror and disbelief to what he just testified?

Is it really so bad to have Freedom of Religion in America; can we accept the different religious thoughts to which someone might aspire. One might not think so as they read their daily newspaper that filled with stories of violence, murder, robberies, and rapes. Where have we failed ourselves that this generation doesn’t care very much about his neighbor, except for what can be stolen from him and pawned for cash. Where have we failed to impress upon this generation the responsibilities that come with American Freedoms pronounced in our governing documents explaining our personal freedoms?

How have we failed to instill in our sons and daughters the desires to appreciate the hard fight our fathers and grandfathers fought to secure our personal freedoms?

If we say that we are Christians, then how do we so drastically separate our Christian beliefs from the Founding Father’s hope that we would aspire to the freedoms that they struggles so long to include in the Declaration of Independence. When did we lose our sense of righteousness to others; our value for life, our moral decency?

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