Monday, August 4, 2008

Complete phase one

Today was my last expansion appointment, total saline volume is 760 ml. Now I wait for the next four weeks to let the expander settle and I have made the appointment for the 1oth of Sep. to replace the expander with the breast form and do the augmentation of the other side; which will be an outpatient procedure in his office. Then I go home and come back in a few day for him to examine his handy work. Then will do a few follow up appointments just to look at how things are doing. Going shopping again if fun. Getting to try on sun dresses and tops that expose just a little more flesh is fun. Just waiting for the middle of September.

My doctor is located in Gainesville, Fl, so I have been following the paper about all the fuss that is going on to repeal the gender discrimination policy they just passed a few months ago. During the City Council's discussion, it seems that 12 trans took a great deal of courage to stand up for their sisters to speak in support for the policy. Now those Christian groups are calling for the overturning based of a 'policy affecting just 12 people'. The good people of Gainesville, must realize that according to adjustment of statistics stating the prevalence of the number of post-op population for the county on approximately 210,00 would be 84. This would be the number of people who think themselves as trans but have had sexual reassignment surgery which is said to be 1:2500. The number of pre-op trans in the county would be 210. The likely lower bounds on "intrinsic" prevalence of those w/o SRS to be 1:200 which gives us 1050. And for those who express intense feelings of being trans is 1:150, giving us 1400 people around the city of Gainesville who think of themselves as gender variant. These numbers do not even consider the population of the University that live in the city of Gainesville.

So keeping this gender discrimination policy will affect a great number of people, not to mention those people who do not fit the norm in appearance of male or female who might be straight but appear to be too butch for a female and too feminine for a male.

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