Tuesday, August 19, 2008

happy thoughts

As a young child I loved the story of Peter Pan, with particular interest in how the 'lost boys' came to be in Never Never Land. It bothered me that in the story the boys never wanted to grow up and that it was only Peter who would fly with a sprinkling of pixie dust and a 'happy thought'.

As an older adults I NEVER forget that I can act as children, to play with children and do childish things. I know that when we grow up we are suppose to put away the toys we had as children, but we should never forget to think about our happy thought. So, here is a partial list of my happy thoughts!

1. Watching clouds drift across the sky

2. Children’s laughter as they play in your yard

3. Finding and watching a small bug on a flower

4. Watching butterflies and bees feed at a flower

5. Examining an unexpected large spider web

6. Watch a spider weave his web

7. Watching birds at the feeder or in the back yard

8. Watching a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis

9. Being with Children as they discover something new

10. Playing in the sprinkler with children and getting soaking wet

11. Rolling down a good long hill

12. Being at the beach watching the waves crash

13. Feeling the salty air in your face at the beach

14. Reading a good book at a park where happy children play

15. Making cookies with your children

16. Snuggling in the arms of someone you love

17. Discovering some treasure in an ‘antique store’

18. Watching a babbling brook churn by

19. Taking a ‘Sunday’ drive through the country with your love

20. Listening to the music of wind chimes in your back yard

21. Potting flowers and tending your garden

22. Picking the ripened tomatoes that your grew

23. Cooking something new not in any cookbook with your love

24. Singing with a group

25. Getting wonderful energetic ‘HUGS’ from people you care about

26. Stomping puddles after a good cleansing rain

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