Thursday, August 28, 2008

Heeeeeeey Ladies

"Hey ladies" is a greeting Sarah and I are hearing more and more these days. It is a welcome greeting and frequently it is to stop and chat or to give us a helpful tidbit of information. We were at Belk's this afternoon and one of sales associates gave the familiar call, "hey ladies." She had stopped us to give us a hint that a better sale deal would be going on in an hour. We thanked her and did a little unplanned shopping. Who can pass up 50% off with another 50% off!

When Sarah and I first began our relationship, our hope was that we would just be seen as two crazy little ole ladies that were accepted and maybe even loved by some. With each "hey ladies," it seems that our original hope is being realized.

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Anonymous said...

You are definately two crzy old ladies AND you are definately loved by this someone right here! Hey Ladies!!!