Sunday, August 31, 2008

Missing Friends

Missing Friends

Friends, lost when they moved.

Leaving empty places in the heart,

Tears shed, weeping uncontrolled.

Aching for missing hands,

Longing for someone’s touch.

Most precious lives

Intertwined by love

Kindred souls lost to fate.

Hearts ache for missing friends

Walls encircle one’s heart

Keeps friendships at arm’s length.

Keeps one’s heart from

Connecting with another.

Keeps new friends out

Keeps pain in.

Either way the heart loses,

Aching for missing friends.

SJ Riggle

December 15, 2001

How ironic could a poem be anyway? Reading this now, today, at a time when good friends have taken a new step for their family is painful. We’ve lost our pastor today, his final service for our church. Some people are angry that he is leaving us without pastoral care, again; but we have survived other times without a pastor and we will carry on with the care and feeding of our church members as we have in the past.

But this pastor, this vicar (Episcopal Church) has changed our lives, and changed the lives for the good of the whole church. He has finally lain to rest an argument that involved where someone could pee; and for that I am eternally grateful. His moral maturity was way beyond his age. And he stood up to the bigots, because it was the right thing to do.

For this family to have been a part of me for so short of time and to have had such a life changing impact leaves me aching. I have finally learned that letting someone occupy a piece of your heart is taking a risk, but it is a risk we all must take to be a part of the human race. For by not risking loving someone we cannot say that we have loved.

So thank you “B”, “E”, and “AJ” for coming into my life and sharing yourselves with one of the “Church Auntees”.

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