Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thankful for the Small Things

When Sarah first came out in our church, there was a variety of reactions that ranged from horror to reluctant acceptance. As time has gone by, many of our fellow parishoners have gotten know us and there has been less and less opposition. In fact, we have been embraced by many people. We know that we are loved and cherished by a large number of people in our church community.

Not only has this has been a time of growth for Sarah and I but it has also been a time of growth for many of the people with whom we share the church community. Today one of the people who seemed to be one of those who was a "reluctant acceptor," initially, came up to me before church and asked me to speak to a friend she had invited to church. I greeted her friend and church started shortly after.

I really didn't think any more about the encounter as I had gotten involved in some other conversations. We were sitting at a table talking to another trans friend when this woman came up to the table with her friend and told her she needed to talk to Sarah and I. She knows that Sarah and I are retired and are involved with lots of things in our community. We began talking to this lady, she has made some recent changes in her life and is looking to become involved with new people and groups. We told her about a number of different things that we enjoy, such as; music, local theater, quilting, and gardening and gave her invitations to all that she was interested in.

It was such a small thing for most people but for me it was a huge thing. A person who may have had some initial reluctance took the risk of getting to know someone who is different and has made a change. Now she invites others to know her "different" friends and trusts that things will go well. I am truly thankful for the small things that are in reality HUGE things!!

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