Monday, November 24, 2008

Love Know no Bounds

The other night, Kay and I decided to see a movie which happened to be sold out, so as we were standing at the ticket window we picked to see the new Madagascar 2, movie; and were completed delighted. The movie had really two different themes if you will; about the young son who being captured off the reserve finds his way to the New York Zoo where he meet new friend and learns dancing skills. As he finds his way back to Africa and is reunited with his family, his different lion skills eventually saves his father and him. The other theme takes a different look at love between two different individuals and their love breaches all boundaries of traditional relationships and are united in marriage at the end of the movie.
Wow, their ‘love knows no bounds’; what a wonderful example to use in explaining to children that ‘love of someone’ can move beyond traditional examples. That to really love someone, be it between a Giraffe and a Hippo, or between a man and a man, or a woman and another woman, that giving yourself to that one other person that you really care about is love.
I am so glad that the creators of this movie took it upon themselves to give us such a powerful example of this different ‘love between two individuals’ on the big screen; and that the evangelical churches have not raised a stink about this wonderful example by the fact that it is showing on the big screen and children love the movie. And that it has so magically given children a powerful example of how true love and devotion is OK and can look past differences. The creators of this movie have shown us how to explain the power of love that is different and that’s ok; that sometimes love of another person is more important than for a marriage to have children.

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