Monday, November 17, 2008

Watching Change Happen?

I know this is a little different that what I have been writing about but we have to stand as a United America and each one of us must figure out how we can do our small part in changing the collective of America. We wanted change and we as America overwhelmingly voted change upon our country. We got movement in the financial market, the stock market, the housing market, the big 3 automakers, airlines, everyone wants the government to back everything up. I read where some CEO’s have said they won’t take their bonus this year that they will have to scrape by with their plus million dollar salary. The big oil guys have made record profits this year so why don’t we let them ante up and infuse the big 3 automakers with sizable low interest loans.

And why are the gas prices falling at a nice slow steady pace now that President Bush and Dick Chaney are on the way out. Is it because the Oil companies have milked everyone out of their Christmas money? Is it because President Elect Obama is pushing for alternative energy sources? Are gas prices dropping because the oil companies want America to forget about pursuing alternative energy, because gas is cheap? Didn’t the American people react this way during the last gas shortage when the auto makers pretended to build more efficient cars? What did they do when because available again?

Thank you Big Oil Companies for dropping the price of gas but lets hope America demands that we build a new life going green and expanding alternative energy efforts. Go America, go green!!!

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