Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Lists

Thanksgiving season steps on the heels of Christmas Celebrations and blurs the demarcation live between the two. These months are a time for reflections of the good things we share with others; and just as dramatic is a time of loneliness and pain. I pray that those who are estranged from their family find unity and acceptance. I pray that those of us who are struggling be at peace with themselves. I pray for understanding and hope that we can live in harmony with those who disagree with us. I pray the hatred, and violence will stop hurting our brothers and sisters who defy labels.

I am thankful for finding my Kay and having celebrated our second wedding anniversary; I have never been happier in my lives. I am thankful for my three children and what they have managed to do with their lives; as well as my two grandchildren. I truly love them and am sorry, very sorry for the pain I have caused them in years past.

I am thankful for my life as it has unfolded and getting to share all the joys with my wife Kay. I am thankful for being so close to Kay’s family, for their acceptance of me and including me as a welcomed member of the family. I am thankful for being a Godmother to little Sophianna, thank you Chris and Catherine for asking us to be a spiritual mentor to your family.

I am thankful for each and every member of the new PFLAG group that Kay and I started with Becky. All of you deserve a family who accepts and welcomes without judgment. I am thankful for being a member of Integrity, the LGBT group within the Episcopal Church, fighting for the right of inclusion for everyone, pushing for rites of marriage within the Churches governing body.

I am thankful for the opportunity to tell my story to students at the University; not to change ones mind but to open new understanding of our struggle to live in our communities without the hate and anger and violence inflicted upon us. To let them see a loving couple who shares the story of a transgender partner.

I am grateful for being a member of the Vagina Monologue last year, for going to New Orleans for 10th Celebration of VDay, for going to Southern Comfort 08 and meeting wonderful people who celebrate being themselves in a safe place.

I am ever so thankful for the good results about my breast cancer treatment, my breast surgery, and my other partial surgery, which gets me off the monthly Lupron shot. I am thankful for the peace and joy of my live since I have accepted myself as ‘Sarah’.

May the Season of Celebration found within Thanksgiving and the Days of Christmas bring Happiness of Joy to you and your family, the Light of Love to those you care about, and the Peace of mind and body to be true to yourself in life.

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