Thursday, November 6, 2008

Veteran's Voice of Light

Voices of Light

Soldiers who fought the Fight
Voices of War’s, telling truth’s light
Of those who lived the horrors of War
Each true voice, a single shard of light
Truth in the telling of Armies history
Lived on far distant shores
By collective voices of Soldier’s might
Shining like beacons
Together blinding the words
Of lies and deceit

As each soldier who fought
Grows older and falls, so dims the light
And memories of War with time
As each shard of light is extinguished
The beacons of Truth wavers and blurs
But, we who are washed with beacons light
Must listen ever louder
To the dimming voices of truth
Proclaiming the true lessons of War
Against the voices of lies and deceit

SJ Riggle

As the anniversary of Veteran’s Day approaches and our country is mending the small fractures sustained during the two years of political posturing, let’s not forget how we have built our great Nation. Let’s not forget the Veterans who fought in all the Great Struggles of Mankind. Let us all take the time this year to invite a Veteran into our Schools or Churches to talk about their historical perspective of WWII or Korea, or Vietnam, or Veterans of the Gulf Wars and what they have done to keep America free.
Our cherished Veterans of the Great War are dying at an alarming rate and their stories can only shine the Truths if they are retold and retold and we listen and learn to speak with them with greater light. Don’t let those who claim the Holocaust didn’t happen speak louder than the voices of fellow Americans mixed with the Veteran’s Voice of Truth.

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