Sunday, November 9, 2008

Voting in a Red State

There seem to be a large question about transgender and their chance or problems to vote in this last election.

Someone ought to dig around a few contested states as to whether or not there were problems with voting by transgender people. Those of us whose name on the driver’s license doesn’t match the name we are using and did we really had problems on election day.

I voted a few elections back presenting myself as Sarah with a drivers license that had my picture as Sarah but my male name and the elections official changed my name on the official roles and I thought that was that. I even live in the Deep South and a Red state to boot she didn’t blink an eye when I showed her my mixed driver’s license. When the election board went through the list of voters and purged the roles, I got a new voters card with my old name, even after it had been crossed out and Sarah was inserted when I voted. Another county vote cast and again she remembered changing my name for the previous county elections, no questions. So just to make it official a few weeks later, I walked into the County Elections Office with a copy of my official name change documents and filled out a name change, attaching the court documents. A few weeks later I received my corrected Voters Registration Card with Sarah’s name.

All of this in a county and state that went for McCain; times really are changing.

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Anonymous said...

What's in a name afterall? It identifies you but does it define you, ultimately. You are who you are by what you do, how you beleive, express yourself, etc. I could be way off here, I am on cold medicine.