Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back from Tour!

Just an update, Kay and I are back from a quick driving tour of New England. We flew out from Jacksonville, Wed a week ago into Boston renting a car and driving into Kittery Maine to spend our first night at the Portsmouth Navy Ship Yard. It was rain and cold the first day; woke up to sunshine for the rest of the trip-beautiful weather, cool no bugs, pretty flowers, warm breezes. We stopped in Concord NH looking for a library with a computer to check email and get directions. Found +Gene Robinson's Office and St Paul's Church, a great exhibit on Abraham Lincoln at the stature of Daniel Webster; oh and we did find a computer. Drove thru NH and on to Stowe, VT. Quaint town, cool weather people spending time outdoors. Saw their hot air balloon festival, Ben and Jerry Ice Cream factory, glass blower, Von Trapp family lodge, mountain top, cool caves, great view, nice people. Stayed two nights, left next morning with sweet rolls from Trapp's bakery drove back thru VT and stopped at a Woman's Entreprenuer studio in NH. Drove on into Brunswick ME, toured the sailing ship the Bounty, (ship built for the movie) was only there for 2 days and was sailing for Ireland in the morning.

Rest of the trip we spent some time in Derry NH at Robert Frost's Farm House, and tried to see America's Stonehendge in Salem NH. Spent the next morning in Salem Mass. took the tour and visited the old grave yard had lunch, toured Hawthorne's House of Seven Gable's and drove back into Boston, got lost, and gave up. Flew out the next afternoon with a stop in Detroit, back into Jacksonville. We got back to the car at 11:30 pm, and drove home plopping into bed at 2 am. Next trip we take a GPS.

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