Thursday, July 30, 2009

Six El Paso Planned Parenthood clinics shut their doors today, permanently.

The El Paso Times is reporting that due to lack of funding, Planned Parenthood is closing all of its health-care centers (six in total) in El Paso, TX today.
"For pregnant women, Planned Parenthood offers very important services such as pre-natal care and anti-smoking treatments and other services that improve their health and therefore increase the chances of them of bearing healthy children. The closing of these clinics will also have a negative impact on women suffering from STDs, urinary tract infections, and other infections that Planned Parenthood often treats. Also HIV and (cervical) cancer are other conditions that Planned Parenthood provides services for. This means that many women, those pregnant and those who aren’t, will be suffer the negative effect of this lack of funding."

The El Paso area is important since I lived there for 9 years, and that where I dabbled with my transition phases. It is also the place where I was arrested and was eventually discharged from the military for displaying deviant behavior for my cross dress activities. But it is a beautiful spot at the end of the Rocky Mountain Range. The lgbt community has made great strides in promoting the cause of justice and equal recognition.


Lori D said...

I used to be a strong opponent to PP because of their pro-choice stance, but I recognize they've been providing incredible assistance to the underpriviledged and poor. It's a shame.

And El Paso is still pretty, but you have to see it through desert eyes.

Two Auntees said...

PP closing is not a good thing. It is a place where many women get their ONLY health care......their yearly physicals and can obtain contraceptives at prices they can afford.

Yes, they do have a pro choice stance but there are so many other services they offer. Services that may reduce the need for abortion.

I am really sad to see PP close. It is not a good thing.