Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thoughts about Chloe

If anyone hasn't seen the ABC program I am sure there are several links out there to watch the program. It has been mentioned more than once, but each trans person's story is their own, there might be similar story lines but different roads. I thought the program was presented with honesty, and sincerity with the amount of video that was shot for the length of time the cameras were in their face. It was very touching to hear Chloe's father finally accept Chloe and speak of her as the same, but his daughter. To see the children accept Chloe for who she was, was most gratifying.

I urge all of you if you haven't sat down across from a trans person and carefully listened to their story, you can't make judgments or innuendo's or make assumptions about who we are unless you get to know one of us.

UpDATE: I have been thinking about the whole bee business and the administering of hormones as treatment. I ask my wife, who has worked for 30 years in women health as a RN about possible treatment for severe allergic reaction to bee stings. Her knowledge of women's health and medicine questions her being given hormones and the resetting of her body's system as a treatment to the bee sting. After watching the first segment and seeing the breast development, I would speculate that she had been receiving some level of estrogen or "T" blocker. Just my questions!!

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