Friday, July 3, 2009

A Trans Woman works the System

As I explained in a previous post about the hassle I got when I tried to change my driver's license was a different story this time around. I had called a lawyer from Lambda Legal and we decided on using the same original letter except we would insert the word 'surgical' and went down yesterday morning to try again. The same supervisor still gave us a hassle because she was interpreting one of the statements to say that more surgery would be needed. Regardless that in the first sentence my doctor verified that I the surgery which satisfied the state of Georgia's requirements. She looked at my new letter and said that she had to ask her supervisor if the letter was sufficient and met the requirements for Georgia. You could tell she copped an attitude real quick because I came back to her window and was in her face again about this gender change, so Kay and I said that was fine and returned to the lobby to wait. We had discussed taking a video camera with us to document the events as they unfolded, but after watching her face and body language, I was afraid that having the camera would have really pissed her off and she would have thrown us out.

Anyway after about 10 minutes she called us back to one of the windows and you could tell immediately that her attitude had been really changed. She was calm and so nice... someone must have readjusted her big girl panties for her. Her demeanor and attitude really changed and she filled out all the paperwork with me. My emotions were like a wild pendulum swinging to anger and my heart pounding back to 'all right I kicked her butt'; my emotions were so wild I had a hard time keeping my hand calm enough to sign my name. Then she calmly ask me to step over to the camera and let me know that I would have to pay another fee for my new license with the long awaited 'letter F' as the gender. Since it was almost lunch time there wasn't very many people in the waiting room with us. So it's 'hou--wa, take that people'.

As we left the parking lot of the DMV I was very aware that the music playing on the radio just happen to be the final movement of Beethoven's 5th Symphony; couldn't have asked for a more joyous, majestic or emotionally charged music to celebrate my victory over the people who place themselves as gatekeepers over the populace.

Ya gotta work the system girls. One must have patience and fortitude, play their games and keep pushing for change, even if it is small and one person at at time. Lets hope that she is more helpful with other trans women. Everyone remember the boy in the story about the Big Friendly shovel load at a time will move mountains.

Q. Does anyone know of a program that will upload videos quicker, or do we just watch the little circle spin...forever?

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