Sunday, July 19, 2009

Walking a Litttle Lighter

I wonder how many LGBTQ individuals and couples walked into their Episcopal churches a little lighter this past Sunday. I felt a little different, a little more welcome and a little more accepted. I think I finally feel like I have a place at the table. I had not realized the enormity of the burden until experiencing the lightness this morning.

For those of you not familiar with the Episcopal Church. Every three years there is a General Convention that passes rules and regulations for the Episcopal Church. The following is a recap of some of the action of this General Convention (gratefully taken from Susan Russell's blog, An Inch at a Time):
In review:

C056 – Authorizes “generous pastoral support” for blessing marriages, unions & partnerships and collection of liturgical resources for consideration at GC2012
C048 – Urges support of fully inclusive ENDA legislation pending in Washington
D012 -- Support for Transgender Civil Rights
D025 – Supports inclusive ordination processes for ALL orders of ministry
D032 -- Non-discrimination clause including gender identity and gender expression for lay employees
D076 -- Support for immigration equality for gay couples
D090 -- Church paper work to be made more accessible to flexibility in gender identity and pronoun preference

C023 – Urging support for repeal of DOMA (“Defense of Marriage Act”) passed in Deputies and was referred by Bishops to Executive Council – where we expect affirmative action will be taken to take the voice of the Episcopal Church to Washington on this important issue.

I have heard from a a few people who are in amazement and delight at the action taken by General Convention. I am truly thankful.

I am so happy that our General Convention was finally able to "do justice." The only tinge of disappointment was that the entire lay delegation from our diocese voted against these resolutions. According to the diocesan website, they believed they were voting what the diocese wanted. I believe they are not representative of our diocese nor do they recognize the diversity of our diocese. Even though this was disappointing, General Convention fulfilled many of my dreams. Thanks be to God!

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