Friday, July 24, 2009

South Pacific Rehearsals

The show is about 3 week away from the opening night. Because this show has a large cast, I have met and mingled with a lot of great people I would have never bumped into before. Actually there seem to be a good number of gay men in the cast, as I learned at the second cast party; its comfortable being in good company. All of them are funny and easy to be around. I have told the director that I am trans and he told me that he already knew; I just didn’t want him to be blindsided if there is flack from the community that, “Oh God, there was a trans person I was in the show” .

The scene changes are happening quicker now which lets us shave times off the show, so we are getting close to about a two hour show, figuring the times for applause and laughter. Right now, I am not sure what our costumes will look like, or if I will be wearing a nurse’s outfit (I hope, I hope), or the old green fatigues. We are supposed to get our rented costumes by July 30, and have a costume parade the Sunday before our opening show.

Goodness gracious, I am having a great time with this thang’. Pictures will be posted as soon as I get them.

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