Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day!

Yesterday, July 4, a day of celebration of change, of separation; for me it was a celebration of my rebirth. Just a few day before, I finally got a new driver license declaring that I am “Female” to the Officials of Georgia. I have shown my license to some close friends in my excitement and joy; just so that someone will actually see the thing. It’s like I am almost excited and wanting to be stopped by the police just so that I can show them this new license; but no I am not that stupid to break the law on purpose, but it’s waiting there in my wallet.

What did I do to celebrate this new person? Kay and I spent the day at Vilano Beach, Florida; it’s a small beach with a community of part time residents but the beach was crowded yesterday with a small group of friends. Lots of people, lots of children every where, playing, eating, just having a good time; a very nice beach to visit. There were 6 adults and four children and lots of good waves and sand. I had bought a new bathing suit to replace the old one piece I used with my breast forms; it was functional but needed replacing. I did buy a two piece but a tankini; some women looked worse than I with their two piece bikini. You know, I don’t seem to remember having my other one piece bathing suit fill with sand and the small shells that filled my new two piece bathing suit. That stuff stuck like they were small suction cups everywhere, top and bottom. Late in the afternoon I was stooping down in the shallow part of the beach and was knocked over by a big wave; with the undertow getting pretty strong, I had a difficult time getting back on my feet. Several more large waves rolled me over two more times and by the time I could get my balance and stand up, I felt at the mercy of the waves. As a result, my bathing suit filled with sand and gunk. Everyone seemed to accept me as a just another woman on the beach with friends and I didn’t raise any suspicions. The feminizing surgery that I had must have been enough; but I did readjust myself several times during the day while I was in the water, just to be sure.

It is a shift in one’s thinking and at what point does one just says they are a woman and not speak about one’s past. With my surgery happening last November, it really didn’t sink into my brain until I was able to change my driver’s license. So happy Independence Day!!

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Two Auntees said...

Were you hoping to get stopped by the police when you kept running off the road today???