Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just being natural

I live in the southern part of the state of Georgia, where the humidity and heat will curl your hair and melt your makeup, if you try to look your best for those candid appearances. But these days, it is just too hot and if I wear makeup I will have it wiped off by noon. So I just pull back my hair, to get it off my neck to aid in being cooler, ‘cause my system is constantly being overpowered by my hot flashes which causes me great consternation in looking presentable. Anyway, I have resigned myself to the fact that with the heat and humidity being what it usually is, I just throw on some lipstick and move on.

There have been several occasions where I have been looking as I just described and going though the drive-by to get a drink and while I wait for my drink I notice a parade of employees push and shove to file past the window to gawk at us. I am sure we peak their interest at just who or what I am as everyone pushes the others out of the way just to get a good look at us. Today, one of these quick lookers noticed my wedding band and commented on how pretty it was. Now just so that everyone knows, Kay and I are legally married and we have matching simple gold wedding bands; just like any ordinary couple who can’t afford babbles and jewels so, I am not sure what she noticed.

But back to the lookers; come to think about it, this pushing and shoving to stare at me or Kay and I, only happens at the drive-by fast food places that don’t have dining-in areas; humpt!!!! can’t explain this behavior. Maybe the people who work behind the counters at the fast food places with a dining-in area are more apt to look quickly while not having to leave their work station and I just don’t realize it.

Does it matter if they ‘read’ me? No, not really. I figure they are just guessing anyway and they will never find out; at least from me directly. I can’t think of any other situation when Kay and I are out and about that people knock others out of the way to just get a look at us. What does that say about the crude and rude people who work at places like that?

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