Friday, September 12, 2008

Post Surgery Day Two

Sarah had her surgery Wednesday and she is doing really well. She seems to be having very little pain with the help of pain relievers and muscle relaxants. She is up and around the house.

I really worry about Sarah after a surgery because she becomes impatient with herself needing to restrict activities. She sometimes will do things that she is clearly not supposed to do. As the staff in the doctor's office saw Sarah on Thursday, I asked each one to tell Sarah what "light activity" meant. Just so you won't think I am being overly cautious............Sarah had back problems for which she had to have injections in her back. Had this not worked she would have to have had surgery. During this time, she dug a hole in the back yard and for a fish pool and laid rocks around it!!

So far, Sarah is following her "light activity" order very well. I think the possibility of having something go wrong with her breasts is keeping her in line.

We are working with some other women at our church to make a quilt for our Fall Festival coming up in November. We usually work together on Fridays. This morning one of the women came by our house to pick up the materials for the quilt. She thought she would be the only one working on the quilt so we invited her stay and work here (everything was already set up on the dining room table). She and her two children stayed. A little later, one of the other women called and she came by too. Sarah worked with them sewing some quilt pieces together. After a while, I noticed that Sarah looked really tired so I suggested she lie down for a while. She took a nap and woke up a while later refreshed.

We enjoyed the moms and kids this morning. I think it kept Sarah occupied so she was not tempted to try to do things she shouldn't.

Sarah is so pleased with her breasts. She looked down at her chest this morning to the sight of her new breasts and said, "this is something I never thought I would see." She is very happy and I am very happy for her.


Anonymous said...

Kay is one strict nurse! She is certainly keeping Sarah in line. I am starting to think that I would never want to be sick around Kay! ha ha! Love ya'll! Now watch out for Sarah, warn the world! She's got ta ta's now, no one is safe! Them boobies got implanted with some attitude! two snaps and around the world sista! xxoo,

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Hooray for new breasts! And hooray for good and loving nurses, who watch over those of us who are tempted to do too much...

I have to say that I'm a little jealous. After a total of 5 years of nursing my kids, my breasts are never going to be perky (not that they ever really were)---and I'm a lousy candidate for surgery (too much risk of hypertrophic scaring because I'm a redhead).

So I will get my joy vicariously through you, Sarah. God bless you, and may you heal quickly!