Thursday, September 4, 2008

Married, filing jointly

It has only been 5 ½ months since Kay and I filed our federal and state tax returns using our legal names. Even with the name change that happened in June 07, we used Turbo Tax and filed electronically; we got our federal tax return within a week or two. After waiting for our Georgia State return for 4 ½ months, I finally was able to find an actual person to talk to and she assured me that I would get my return in a week or two.
Now we had no problem with the federal tax refund even with the name change, but the good State of Georgia was audibly silent on the matter. Nothing, no paperwork of any kind from Georgia. Squat! After calling the state again I talked to one of the clerks and he told me that there was a problem of a system discrepancy with my name. Now the new name of Sarah that is on my Georgia Motor Vehicle License, my Social Security Card, my Military Identification Card, were all changed in 2007. The clerk asked if I could fax them documentation which shows my legal name change. So I faxed them the court documents which were filed in June of 07 to him. I did use my birth name when we filed our federal and state taxes the year before because we had just been married in November of 06; but still the federal government had no problem with the name change.
The good state is quick to hound you if you ever make a mistake to your disadvantage and you owe them more money; they are real quick to make sure they get their money. But when they owe you money it will be a month of Sundays and longer before you can pull money from them. So now after 5 months of messages that your money will be sent within two weeks; I have finally got a new message that the state refund has or will be deposited in my checking account in the next few days. Thank you Jason! It’s a good thing that our federal refund and other payment came so quickly.
So the question is: Was the State of Georgia going to recognize our same-sex marriage or just question the name change?

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