Sunday, September 14, 2008

Transition Life-Post Surgery

Now that I am post drug induced I can say with a clear head that the surgery was not as bad as I had imagined it to be; and I was silly to have worked myself into quite a lather of jangled nerves. Now that I’m in the post-op recovery stage, the most irritating part is that I must wear an elastic band across the top of my chest to keep the new implants where there are suppose to stay; we don’t want them moving up to who knows where. My post-surgery instructions was for me to sleep on my back, elevated; which I normally can not do for very long periods and thus I roll to one side or the other. Sleeping on my right side lets me snuggle against Kay and is very comforting; help put me back to sleep.
I don’t want to sound as if I am bragging about my ‘perky breast’, but I would only like to say that to transition for GID at such an older age does have it few advantages. The changes to which your body quickly adjusts to, is like a young girls; I think. It’s like you get your ‘do over’ with your body and thus you have perky breast. Even though I was helped along with medical technology, my new female skin is still fresh and resilient; to a point. I just started growing mine later than yours. IF I had known that I could have undergone Genital Reassignment Surgery 40 years ago I am not sure if I could have tired; emotionally I was not in a supporting family who would have even understood what I felt. But I wouldn’t want to try and turn back time now, because of where I am and how good my life is.
It’s not just me that would be changed; but my three children would never exist or my two grandchildren. My life is much fuller by watching and being with my children as they grew up and become responsible adults; these experiences are real and I will cherish each and every memory I have with them. There is no way that I would or even could deny their chance at life, because they are good ‘children’; and now their lives as adults are what each has made of their chances; with their own lives connected by the family threads of life.

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