Friday, September 19, 2008

Surgery progress

Being laid up sick or otherwise is not for me, I hate having to stay in bed for anything. I do better if I can get up and sit in a chair with something to do. Even in the mornings I can lie in the bed for very long because it really begins to make my hips hurt and I can’t get into a comfortable position for very long. Well to make matters worse Kay and I have both had a round with a viral infection which among other symptoms my Kay’s joint hurt; my joint hurt almost all the time so that part wasn’t so bad, but I did have to take to the bed yesterday afternoon. I JUST HATE BEING SICK. But this morning I feel much better. I still am not supposed to do any heavy or strenuous lifting, which means for me that I must refrain from any of my normal daily activities.
Well it’s been one week since my surgery and everything is hanging out there. I am still wearing the elastic band at least 20 hours a day; it actually helps with the discomfort of my right breast sometimes. I am aware that this breast is a little sensitive and irritated from being rubbed by the clothes I wear, and I really notice this irritation in the morning. I would say that I get overjoyed looking down watching the water cascade over the end of my nipple when I take my morning showers. I can not be happier with the results of the reconstruction and the expansion.
If the cancer had not attacked my body those 3 ½ years ago and I could have continued with my HRT as planned, I truly believe that I would have developed to a good “C” cup and I could have become comfortable with my body as my breast slowly developed. We don’t notice how people or life changes on a daily basis; and when we visit a relative or friend only once in a while we can see how much they have grown. It is still amazing to wake up the morning after surgery and immediate see your equally proportioned breasts that weren’t there the day before.
So I am still excited and filled with joy when I pass a mirror and can see how a top, or dress or a nightgown fits. I still am looking forward to shopping for my new bra’s.

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