Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Surgery

Since my appointment was for o700 hrs, we sure the hell was not going to drive down to Gainesville Wednesday morning which is a 1:45 min drive. We had booked a room at a nice motel (yureep, yureep scary movie) anyway it was a room and had hot running water. The first room we had a problem with the second lock, it wouldn’t. So they put us in another room and we got little sleep. We rented a room just to make it easier is something went wrong after the surgery and we need to go to a hospital. We walked in the building doors at 0730hrs and it was one the technician from the surgery suite. We were taken immediately up to the 3rd floor and taken back to the prep room where we talked with the anesthesiologist and signed other papers. The Dr wanted to remark my breast to make sure he got them pretty close in size. Kay asked him that since I was an older woman could he make them droopier; Dr. said that that wasn’t possible that I would have perky breast when he was finished and he has never had anyone ask that question before. The IV was put in my wrist and I was walked across the hall and laid on the table (it looked like a cross, no kidding) and the oxygen mask was slipped over my face and that is all I remember until I woke up.
I don’t think I cussed or threatened the nurse when she was waking me up as I had done after another procedure and I remember being taken to the bathroom to pee and giving the nurse a thumbs up. I do remember telling Kay that I felt like being hit be a Mac Truck; OMG was I sore and HURTING LIKE HELL! But that was before I took my pain meds (wonderful things) I remember the car ride but not how I got dressed or taken to the car. Kay put me into bed and I slept most of t he afternoon away and would have to get up to go pee. I did that a lot! I slept until the early afternoon when Kay fixed me a bowl of Chicken Broth… wuz it every gooood!! Later she fixed me a bowl of tomato soup; we discovered that there had been a little bleeding from the incision of the left breast; the one they did a breast augmentation on, but it didn’t spread.
I had my recheck this afternoon where we replace the bandages and gave me more rest instructions; Dr Mast was very pleased with they way each turned out. I go back in two weeks for another recheck. I'm a 60 year old woman with perky boobs; and they are a full "C" or small "D". I can work with these girls...


Grandmère Mimi said...

Two Auntees, whichever one of you had the surgery (may I call you One Auntee?), I will pray for you. But I suppose you both need prayers.

I had breast cancer 23 years ago, but, fortunately, I had a lumpectomy. I'm a little smaller on one side than the other, but a lightly padded bra makes the two look equal in size when I'm dressed.

My mother had breast cancer, too, with mastectomy, and she said that she sometimes wanted to have her second breast removed so she would not need the prosthesis. It was a real PITA.

I'm sorry about all the pain, but how nice to have perky breasts at 60. I pray your full recovery will be speedy and uneventful.

Two Auntees said...

As transgender i have never heard of any other sister having breast cancer. i was totally aware of the slight chance that if i took estrogen for my thansition that i could get the cancer. I knew my mother had bi-lateral surgery and it was only after my mastectomy that i learned that my youngest sister had the same type of cancer that i had. This surgery was necessary for my needs to be female, since what i had after a few months on estrogen was taken from me. And my military health insurance paid for it.

JCF said...

Congrats, Sarah!

JCF (MadPriest sent me): an XX person of somewhat indeterminate gender. Some days, I'm OK w/ my breasts, other days I want 'em gone yesterday (repeat, ad nauseum)

There is NO question that I would love to have a "Certain Other Body Part" massively augmented, but that is neither (remotely) in my budget, nor particularly medically feasible, either (and I've done the research). So I just keep on, keepin' on... :-/

Pagan Sphinx said...

Hello. I came over from the MP site. I'm so happy for you that your procedure went well! I'm almost 50 and if I had to have me some made, I would take perky for sure. Lucky you!

Peace to you,