Sunday, September 7, 2008

Under the Knife

On Sunday I will have just 3 more days until my breast reconstruction is completed. I should have had my surgery this past week but we were going to New Orleans for the Many Stories, One Voice, and symposium; didn’t work out that way thanks to the Gustav.
Kay says that I can’t pass a mirror without looking at by breast and the cleavage. God, I have cleavage again, not that I had much after a year on hormones but it was a start. Then I endured the scar and divot of the mastectomy for 2 years. But in just 3 days time my body shape will be changed again, can’t wait. My surgeon keeps telling me that I will have better results than most candidates do with this surgery; but also there going to be a good deal of pain with the other side after they do the implants. Hell, I have waited more that 50 years to get a pair of breasts, I guess that a few more days and some pain will be worth all this.
I am looking toward that day when I can finally put all by breast forms and stuffing in a box and put it in back in the closet. And then I can go shopping for bra’s that will show off my new girls. They’ve been a long time a coming.

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